Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Lower Sixth popular girls

In the year above the main characters of Popular are the beautiful, ruthless and occasionally clueless Lower sixth popular girls. 


Clique Nickname: "The Heiresses" or "The BT19ers."

Clique Leader: Anastasia Montmorency (17)

Other Members of the posse: Lavinia Barrington, Mariella Thompson, Natasha Jenkins and Tangela Henton-Worley

Trademark/s: Fabulous hair, excellent accessories, an aversion to calories, communists and effort

Never Without... Their fathers' credit cards.

Group Heroes: Olivia Palermo and Blair Waldorf 

Favourite Belfast Haunts: The bar at the Merchant hotel and Deane's at Queen's

Most Frequently Spotted in school: In the first floor girls' bathroom or at the back of the study hall, reading magazines.

Least Frequently Spotted in school: The science block

Most Infamous Quote: "Isn't it sad the way God gave ugly girls the same feelings as pretty ones? It's like wanting to shop but not having a credit card." - Mariella Thompson

Least Likely to hear them say: "Come sit with us any time you like. You're totally welcome." "Money can't buy happiness" or "It's what's on the inside that counts."

Key Phrase to avoid in conversation with them: "I am so keen to be your friend, guys!"

Other profiled cliques: The fifth year indies, the upper sixth popular crowd and the First XVs

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