Monday, 27 September 2010

The Upper Sixth Popular Crowd

Two years above the main characters of Popular are the Upper Sixth popular crowd.


Clique Nickname: "The Upper Sixth Rahs" or "The Pashmina Brigade"

Clique Leader: Cecilia Molyneux (18)

Other Members of the posse: Louise Mahaffy, Emily Rhys, Sarah-Jane Rogan and Olivia-Grace Wallace

Trademark/s: Back-combed hair, immaculate fake tan, either ugg boots or heels so high they'd dwarf a midget - nothing in between.

Never Without... a can of hairspray

Group Heroes: The Kardashian Sisters

Favourite Belfast Haunts: Rain night-club, Aura Day Spa

Most Frequently Spotted in school: Napping or touching-up their make-up in the Sixth Form Centre

Least Frequently Spotted in school: The Library

Most Infamous Quote: "But, sir, Chodeoslovakia is two countries now, isn't it?" - Cecilia, Geography class, 5th year

Least Likely to hear them say: "I don't know the names of any of the bouncers at this club, sorry." "I handed that homework in a week early, to be honest." Or, "Did you see those hotties hanging out at the front of City Hall?"

Key Phrase to avoid in conversation with them: "You're looking nice and pale today."

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