Thursday, 7 October 2010

The First XV Rugby Squad

Continuing on in our profile of Mount Olivet Grammar's other cliques is the 1st XVs, the school's sporting elite. Imogen has naturally plucked one of her boyfriends from its ranks - Stewart Lawrence. Yes, his family totally has a history of gingers, but he himself is quite the hotty... so, like, maybe that cancels out the Ginger Gene ... Maybe. Anyway, it's totally OK to have ginger blood in the family if you're on the rugby team and dating the hottest girl in school.


Clique Nickname: "The First Fifteens" or "The Leds"

Clique Leader: Technically the captain - Quentin Smith (18)

Other Members of the posse: Keith Bryce, Oran Cahill, Alistair Davidson, Stephen Dryton, Nicholas Fairfield, Luke Faulkner, Colin Ferris, Andrew Henton-Worley, Harry Irwin, Matthew Kilbride, Charlie Kirk, Stewart Lawrence, Robbie McIlwaine, Richard Murland, Peter Murray, Patrick Neville, Oliver O'Neill, Titus Pitt, Richard Smith, Quinten Smith and Peter Sullivan

Trademark/s: Strapping physique, excellent levels of physical fitness, very loud voices, ability to turn almost any comment into a sexual innuendo, highly rowdy communal banter and behavioural patterns, enormous appetites

Never Without... A penny - just in case anyone leaves their drink unattended, ever.

Group Heroes: Whoever invented TrueLad and Arthur Guinness (1725 - 1803)

Favourite Belfast Haunts: Ravenshill Grounds, DW Fitness or Sphinx kebabs

Most Frequently Spotted in school: The changing rooms or the sports fields

Least Frequently Spotted in school: The Choir rooms

Most Infamous Quote: "It's not gay if you yell banter!" - Undisclosed member of the squad, attempting to offer friendly encouragement to the Gay Rights' Parade in Belfast City Centre

Least Likely to hear them say: "I'm actually a teetotaller" or "That joke was a bit too sexually explicit; I find that offensive."

Key Phrase to avoid in conversation with them: "Do you fancy a game of Hurling?"

Other Profiled Groups: The Upper Sixth Popular Girls

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