Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Fifth Year Indie Posse

"Every school has one of these and they vary only in degrees of how annoying they are..."

Although they spend their whole life trying to prove they don't care about cliques and popularity and all that kind of lame, cool-kid stuff, Coral Andrews' circle of friends are about as cliquey and judgmental as they come. If you want to measure  it, just mention any type of music that's actually in the charts or a recent X Factor winner. Rage against the machine, fo' sho'.  


Clique Nickname: "The Hipsters," "The Indies" or "The Zoo" (Note: The last one was created and used solely by Cameron Matthews and Imogen Dawson, BT9ers.)

Clique Leader: Coral Andrews (16)

Other Members of the posse: Joanne Sexton, Paula Flockley, Eóin McEveritt, Patrick O'Shay, Philip Rodgers, Pauline Saville and, on the fringes, Hector Colliner, Callum Quigley, Alice Fenchurch and Patsy Harris.

Trademark/s: One guy or girl who secretly self-loathes themselves because they've fallen in love with one of the popular kids; a searing hatred of Simon Cowell, one accessory that clashes totally with everything else they're wearing, the exchange of far too many song lyrics with one another to prove how much they love each other and at least one guy friend who believes that wearing skin-tight trousers makes him genuinely attractive, when the reality is that skinny jeans make anyone who wears them instantly look like a castrated ferret. 

Never Without... Their i-Pod, skins or maybe a copy of "The God Delusion" to show how liberated and independent they are.

Group Heroes: Any philosopher so obscure that no-one else has ever heard of him. Same goes for their taste in music.

Favourite Belfast Haunts: The Empire, Fresh Garbage, outside City Hall

Most Frequently Spotted in school: The music rooms

Least Frequently Spotted in school: The sports fields

Most Infamous Quote: "I hate how soulless and evil capitalism is." - Joanne Sexton, whilst plugging earphones to her i-Pod.

Least Likely to hear them say: "I think it's really great how excited people are getting about Kate Middleton" or "I'm saving up for a Barbour jacket."

Key Phrase to avoid in conversation with them: "Isn't it great what the X Factor is doing for the music industry?"

Other Profiled Groups: The Upper Sixth Popular Girls, The First XVs

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