Friday, 10 May 2013

"The Immaculate Deception" now available to buy!

For those of you who've been contacting the blog, the sequel to Popular - The Immaculate Deception - is now available on Amazon. You can get it in paperback or in Kindle. So if you enjoyed Popular, then they're all back and ready for your summer read! Irish novelist Claire Hennessy called the second book in the Popular series "crazy and witty and compelling and glamorous," so get downloading!

If you're in Britain or Ireland, you can get it here in paperback. Or in Kindle.

And if you're ordering from the States, why not click for it here or here.

And if you like it, please take the time to review it; every Amazon review really helps the publishers and me get the news out there about the series.

A huge, huge thank you to all of you for your incredible support!


  1. Hi so yeah just have to say I love both your books so lush! Being a teen from Belfast myself I find them so true! So yeah was just wondering do you know when AOF will be out because I may have an FIB waiting any longer and I have GCSE's so that is totes not a fab mix:(

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Emma! Thanks so much for your comment; GCSEs are a disgusting mix, I went for a lengthy brunch before my Biology - huge mistake. Anyway, thanks so much for what you said about both books, it's always amazing to hear people have enjoyed them; we're hoping to have the 3rd book out in time for Christmas this year! xx

  4. Hi, i Really love your Books and i just wanted to ask You 2 questions: 1 will there ever be a Film about your Books? And if , Could you please publish the Casting Dates here ( on this Website )2. what does Meredith Email adress mean?
    I know that are 2Qs ;)
    I Hope my english Wasnt to Bad ( im from berlin , so im not a native speaker)
    And you can answer my Qs :)
    xxx Henni

  5. Hi! Your English is fantastic! Thanks so much for your comments.

    There is some interest in bringing Popular to the screen, but nothing concrete yet! I will definitely post information if anything happens.

    And Meredith's e-mail address is a joke by her. In the US, there is a very small size of clothing, size zero, which is so tiny that no one could healthily fit into it. Meredith has such a sharp sense of humour that she decides to make a joke out of it!




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