Thursday, 25 October 2012

Happy birthday, Clazza!

Today, Claire "Clazza" H, who played Kerry Davison in both stage versions of Popular, turns twenty-one and so here, as is the yoush, are twenty-one of her best quotes.

1. "Seriously, my sole aim in life is to be so rich that I use 'summer' as a verb."

2. "God definitely loves us. And not in the sad-act way that He loves all his children; He legitzies fancies us."

3. "Uhm!"

4. "Okay, I'm sorry, but since when..."

5. "Sometimes brunch is literally the only thing that gets me out of bed before 12." #northdowngirlproblems

6. "I genuinely believe that if I ever lost the will to live, those cow jugs they serve with brunch at Harlem would change my mind."

7. "This is literally the most stressed I ever want to be in my entire life." Whilst making a party invite list.

8. "Mother is very stressed because she's re-decorating our Summer Room and cushions are proving particularly problematic."

9. Clazza is famous for proclaiming that she's going in to her room to study, whereupon she wraps herself up to her neck in her duvet, points the fan heater directly at her face and spreads her books around her, before obviously  falling asleep for four hours under a combination of the duvet and the heat.

10. "What do people actually do when we're not around?"

11. "I always forget that people actually choose to live outside Belfast. I don't understand it."

12. "Everytime I drive in the countryside, I legitzies think I'm in an episode of Goodnight Mister Tom."

13. "Uhm, fuck off, and give me some tequila." 

14. "I've got to go; they're playing Nicki Minaj!" (2 minutes later.) "Damn it. Avicii - EVERY time."

15. "Seriously, I'm like the second coming of Marie-Antoinette."

16. "I do not love his life."

17. "She interrupted my nap and I'm finding it difficult not to quite seriously hate her because of it."

18. "Do you think it'd be insensitive to throw Skittles at someone who'd just come out so they could taste the rainbow?"

19. "I caught him eating a rosary. He is obviously a demon." In reference to a small child.

20. "I mean, I am easily the most Protestant person anyone of my friends at Queen's knows."

21. "There are times when I hear myself speak and I think, Am I actually real? Like, am I just a parody of someone? Am I really this ridiculously posh? Oh! Before I forget, look at these cute little promotional vodka bottles I got for tonight. Bronagh and Patrick got them in their goody bags at the Ulster Tatler Person of the Year Awards..."

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  1. Gareth, how are you? Hope everything's going well. What are you doing nowadays?


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