Friday, 24 February 2012

Me loves me some Shane Mack

Every now and then a great movie can introduce you to a great soundtrack and, from there, to a great new artist. That's what happened to me when I watched the 2007 movie Shelter, a beautifully-shot love story set in California about two young men, Zach, and his best friend's brother, Shaun. Shelter is short, sweet and it probably has two of the most brilliantly natural and "real" performances I've ever seen on screen. It has also has fantastic music.

The movie's soundtrack featured quite a few songs by the Texas-born singer-songwriter Shane Mack, including Lie to Me and More than this (a personal favezies.) Since watching Shelter, I've become a big Shane Mack fan and try to listen to some of his music when I'm sitting down to write Popular or really anything to do with Cameron or Blake. More than this is probably the one I've listened to the most.

Anyway, I strongly recommend an i-Tunes creep for Shane's music and having a look at the trailer for Shelter (below.) 

Also - have a great weekend!

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  1. ha! read the book twice!! is there a movie desperate to know 'cause it's so beau!!


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