Wednesday, 12 October 2011

"Popular" in music: An interview with Sarah Patterson

Today, I'm pleased to post an interview with Sarah Patterson, a young recording artist from Belfast, who also appeared in the autumn 2011 theatre version of "Popular". For her scene, Sarah performed one of her new songs, "Today", inspired by the storyline of Cameron and Blake. And here she is in all her fine glory to answer some questions today.
1. So, Sarah, you're fifteen years old and you're already producing records and music videos. That's pretty awesome. Tell us how it all got started and did you always know you wanted to go into music?

I've been singing and acting all my life.  I've been going to Belvoir Players since I was three years old and I love being on stage.  I haven't always known that I wanted to go into music as my teachers have told me it isn't a very wise career choice but at the end of the day I've always loved to perform and if I can, I will.  I started uploading cover songs to youtube last year and was approached by an independent record label with a development deal but it would mean gigging on the mainland and I was just about to start GCSEs.  I decided to do it from home in the first instance.  Recording in Belfast and doing a few gigs here and there. 

2. How many of your songs are available on i-Tunes right now?

I have two original songs on iTunes now but I'm working on an album for release next year. 

3. Sarah, you read Popular this summer and actually appeared in the theatre show, singing your song Today at a house party. How did the storyline of Cameron and Blake inspire the song? I can remember sitting listening to it the first time you played it and being totally blown away!

I'd had an original that I'd written a few months previously in mind, however, when I was warming up in the green room [during rehearsals] I just had an urge to write something.  I thought about what (among many things) would be going through Cameron's mind about Blake.  I was trying to imagine what they'd both be thinking and never saying to each other.  So in short the song was very spontaneous and just sort of wrote itself. 

4. Your filming the music video for Today early next year, with the cast of Popular. Excited?

Extremely excited.  It will be great crack and a chance to reunite with all the popular cast and characters.  The producers are excited too as they've felt a real buzz around Popular which they hope to capture with the video for Today.

5. Your school, Victoria College, is one of the inspirations for Mount Olivet Grammar School, the school in Popular. How similar are they?

Very.  It's full of Merediths but they don't know it (unless they've read the book).  When I read the book and the script I recognised a lot of the characters immediately.  Having said that I love Victoria College and wouldn't have it any other way.

6. What's next for you? Apart from the irritation of GCSEs. Don't worry too much, by the way. We had a surprise quiz from our Biology teacher and we answered 'synapse' for all 31 questions. And I got a C, so, you know, how hard can they be? (Probably shouldn't take all the credit; I prayed HARD. It was my substitute for actual work.)

Hopefully an album and a lot of gigs next summer and stage work with Popular (director permitting).  I'd like to be uber-rich and famous some day but a wise old man once told me 'it isn't arriving at the destination it's the journey that's important' and I've had a pretty good ride so far. 

7. Tell us where people can get your songs!

On iTunes

links are there on my fb page

Thanks, Sarah! And we'll keep you updated with news of her new videos and the rumours that Popular will be experiencing a theatre revival very early in the new year!

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