Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sneak Peak!

Only three weeks until Popular is released in the UK and Ireland and as a sneak peak of what's ahead, here are the fourteen chapter titles of the book!

1. "Bus Passes and Baby Pink"

2. "Saruman the Stupid"

3. "The Irresistible Rise of So Beau"

4. "Pray for us sinners"

5. "Mistletoe & Wine"

6. "The Hangover from Hell, the Sweater from Heaven"

7. "PS I love you"

8. "The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre"

9. "Tittle Tattle"

10. "An Uneasy Peace"

11. "The Field of Dreams"

12. "The Curious Case of the Birthday PiƱata"

13. "Emergencia"

14. "Everything that really counts"

You can pre-order your copy of Popular here, here or here

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